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Blogging can help rank your SEO higher on your own website.

A constant flow of information is a must for google to crawl and see your site is active. With adding a blog to your own site and updating it regularly, google will crawl and see new information about your topic that is being discussed, thus why it's crucial to have a blog on your site. We can help with this part of your social media presence as well!

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We posted the above tag titles on purpose and so should you for your business.

The reason we decided to write out every title the way we did above is exactly what google bots are looking for, Social Media is an art form and sometimes you have to have a blog or two exactly like this, to rank higher. We personally want to show up in our local Colorado area, thus the names above. You might want a global tag, which is fine too. Just a little tip from Naked Tree Media! Thanks and hope this helps! ohh and don't forget to tag like I did below. Hashtags are still relevant in 2019-2020

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