What does it cost and what do I get?


The GOLD package being the premier package for high end businesses. The GOLD package is reserved for companies with multiple locations (chain or franchised companies) that need all locations serviced by us. We also reserve this package for companies that see a high profit return in just one or two customers. An example would be a customer that would be a routine client of yours and spends more than $1000 a visit. Airplane charter companies, orthodontists, doctors or plastic surgeons. You see the relation to the niche.


We go above and beyond to locate customers for your business when you sign up for our GOLD package. We not only promote with social media, but we will have our contacts in many industries procure customers through our years of customer building through the years. You can view our company as a great source for referrals along with our online marketing.  We also have more services available for our GOLD package customers, such as recording studio for online commercial creation, which we will include one commercial and production/editing a month with this service. Great for exhibiting your business and it's location, personal touch of you speaking to the customers you are interested in and showcasing any product or treatments you have available


The first few months of working together we are focusing on rebranding or organically growing your customer reach online. The package is $5000 a month for our work and any paid advertising your company and ours decide to do, will be a separate charge. With this package we have multiple people working with your team and company, so you will always be our top priority. We never take on more than five clients at a time at any given period, thus this always gives us room to be present if you need us for anything. A brief example below of what you will get with our GOLD Package. 


  • 4 tailored FaceBook posts a week ( we do the graphic design included for all posts )  

  • 4 tailored Instagram posts a week ( these are the square boxes on your wall )

  • 4 tailored Instagram Story posts a week ( these are the live feed posts people click on top )

  • 3 video (moving ads a week!) custom made video ads that can be added to all social media outlets

  • 2 designed ads for paid advertising ( if you choose to use paid advertising )

  • Ad campaign set up and management . We install FaceBook Pixel into your website to insure we track our progress with any ad campaigns we launch. 

  • Multiple locations advertised, If you have multiple locations, we will customize posts that specifically advertise those locations. This is where the Gold and Silver packages comes in to play. We will have all graphic design look the same for all locations, to keep continuity, but will post on multiple accounts, if you own more than one Instagram or FaceBook page. 

  • Custom designed Facebook Banner, Google Banner, Instagram and Twitter accounts available for rebranding or design upon your request. 

  • COMMERCIALS MADE FOR YOU! Online commercial for your business, filmed, edited and distributed by us for you! Only with our GOLD package. 

  • SEO and Google analytic booster - We will make sure your company is properly tagged and set up correctly through google, to insure you are being noticed in your area. This is huge and takes a lot of back end work. We will insure you will have everything set up correctly and your businesses surrounding area knows you exist!

  • Online Review health! We make sure your past clients know to write a review for you in google reviews, facebook reviews and yelp. It is crucial we set up a good program to incentivize your customers to write reviews after their service or purchase. We will help your company understand and put into place a working plan to keep customers writing great reviews.  


Custom ad ons


  • If you have specific requests are not listed, we will include these into the GOLD package, if it relates to the same amount of work already in place.

  • What we will need from you is all company logos in PNG file type, no background, office or product pictures or any marketing material that is needed to keep your company looking fluent with your original vision. 

  • We will launch two paid ads a month with this package and see them through to the end, turning the ad off when it doesn't need to be shown, saving you money. We will put together a report of how the ad did and what we achieved. We have mastered how to hyper-target an audience and run a successful ad campaign. Again, you do not need to run paid advertising, we are just offering.

  • Our goal is to increase your Instagram and FaceBook friend count by 100 a month and even more, depending on what type of business you have. That's every month and actual people in your area, not paid fake numbers. 

  • Any specific product or procedure you want promoted, we will insure it becomes the focus of our initial posts and promotions. 

  • GOLD PACKAGE we will find specific people for your niche market. We will have multiple people working with your company, insuring we get the right people in front of your businesses advertisements. If you sell or offer high priced goods, we will find customers that are interested or need your service! 

  • At the end of the month, we will send an invoice with all related work detailed along with a pdf of our progress and behind the scene charts and graphs of what was achieved. We will also include the next months "things to do list" that we will start on right away, begging the 1st of the new calendar month! You will see our consistency as you stick with us and will value the work and return it provides to your company. 

  • What we will need from you is any promotional material that already exists. PNG files for all logo and brand designs. Photos for any procedure or product you offer. With our GOLD package, we will also take pictures and custom design any rebranding for your business included with this price. That's not only your own social media marketing team, but personal graphic designer on call!

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