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Let's get started!

Send us an email with what you are interested in achieving and we will set up a time to consult with you. Below are the basics of how we operate.

How it works: 


 -We will have a few questions before we start with your project that can be handled in person, via phone, email or any way that is easiest for your busy day. After we know the basics we will get started immediately.


-We will email you a detailed plan and cost analysis sheet for the project.  No hidden fees as we are always up front with any work we do or will do. One thing our package pricing does not include are any pay marketing sites we choose for you. Things such as google, facebook or YouTube advertisements are a few examples. Those all cost money, but we bid smart and consistently get your company in front of your exact target audience.

Our package deals come in three categories and explained better on the (package info) page.

Bronze Package (1)

$1000 - Monthly bill. Social media content management and campaign blitz marketing. We will constantly show you how to improve your business model and increase your customer base for you. Social media content management and customer engagement improvements are a part of the plan and you will be seen by your target audience. 

Silver Package (2)

$2000 - Monthly bill. Social media content management and campaign blitz marketing. We will add more depth in social media advertising on all platforms. Focus on your website's SEO to help get  your business page to #1. We will double our work with more facebook , instagram and YouTube advertisements directed at your specific audience. High end clients that are worth this silver package and will be worth it to you. Talk to us with what you need.


Gold Package (3)

$5000Monthly bill. Social media content management and campaign blitz marketing. Not only is this all hands on deck, but we bring our outside sources in the business that will invest in your success.  Our contacts from around the world will insure this tier pays for itself by creating the exact customers you are looking for. This gold package is for high end niche markets, where one customer means a lot to you, thus repeat and well off customers are what we will procure.  Look at our in-depth analysis on our package info link above.



Side Note: We also rebrand or brand new or existing businesses with our graphic design and media team. Looking for a brand new look? Consult with us to create a brand that works. If you have a package plan in place, additional graphic design work may be needed. If you do not have an in house graphic designer, we will work our normal hourly rate at $40 an hour for custom ads that may not have been discussed from the start. Email us if you have any questions. 

We accept PayPal with any major credit card or Zelle payments through your preferred bank. 


Thanks for thinking of Naked Tree Media LLC - Ty Max Tekavec



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