What does it cost and what do I get?


The three options we have for you all come with different services. You can purchase the package deals on a monthly or bi-weekly payment plan. Our cost is not as high as you might expect for the work we do. We upload content on your site five days a week and daily work on media content. Our promise to you is that your company will be our first priority and content will be created and uploaded as scheduled. You can cancel at any paid months end, no questions asked. When you have a plan with us, we will send you an end-of-month report on all progress made. We will give you detailed analysis on your social media health and what is working best for your company. At each month's end we will also give you our plan of action for the coming month. We will always do what's best for your company and show you options to further your ultimate goals. You will see positive changes happening right away and also long term projects will come to life. We always stay on message and keep the brand of your company our top priority. 

The Bronze package may be best if this is your first time working with us or you have a budget. The first few months we work together will be focused on rebranding and organically growing your customer reach online. The package is $1000 a month for our detailed extensive work. Paid advertising through Facebook is a separate charge, although you do not have to use paid advertising with our plan. If you have a large campaign you want to launch, we do suggest a budget for paid advertising, although the day-to-day work we offer will all be done within our fee. Below are the details of what you will receive every single day and week with our Bronze starter package. We have some of the most competitive prices in the social media marketing world. The amount of content you receive for the price will be well worth it for your company's success. Thank you so much and looking forward to working with you!


  • 4 tailored Facebook posts a week ( we do the graphic design included for all posts )  

  • 4 tailored Instagram posts a week ( these are the square boxes on your wall )

  • 4 tailored Instagram Story posts a week ( these are the live feed posts people click on top )

  • I video ad created for all platforms. One video ad per week! That's four a month!

  • 2 designed ads for paid advertising ( if you choose to use paid advertising )

  • Ad campaign set-up and management . We install Facebook Pixel into your website to insure we track our progress with any ad campaigns we launch. 

  • SEO and Google analytic booster - We will make sure your company is properly tagged and set up correctly through Google to insure you are being noticed in your area. This is Big and takes a lot of back-end work. We make sure you have everything set up correctly and that customers in your surrounding area know you exist!

  • Online Review Health- We make sure your past clients know to write a review for you in Google reviews, Facebook reviews and Yelp. It is crucial to have a good program to incentivize your customers to write reviews after your service or a purchase. We will help your company understand and put into place a working plan to keep customers writing great reviews.  

Tailored plan add-ons 

  • Custom add-ons. If you have specific requests that are not listed in our Bronze package, we can include these if it relates to the same set-up already in place.

  • What we need from you are all company logos in PNG file type, office or product pictures, or any marketing material that are needed to keep your company consistent with your original vision.

  • If you choose to have paid advertising, we will design and publish two paid ads a month. 

  • Followers- Our goal is to increase your Instagram and Facebook friend count by a 100 followers a month, usually more, depending on what type of business you have. This is every month, and actual people in your area, not paid fake followers. 

  • If you have a specific product or procedure you want promoted, we make sure it becomes the focus of our initial posts and promotions. 

  • At the end of the month we will send an invoice with all related work detailed along with a pdf of our progress and behind-the-scene charts and graphs of what was achieved. We will also include the next month's "things to do list" beginning the 1st of the new calendar month. You will see our consistent efforts as you continue the plan and value the returns we provide. 

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