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Our Story:

Every business strives for growth, increased income and an expanding

customer base. Let my team at Naked Tree Media get the results you deserve! 

We improve your social media presence by creating beautiful target ads on all

social media platforms, while fine tuning your existing content to better suit

your needs.


Naked Tree Media will create and custom design posts, pictures, ads, videos and blogs for your business on a weekly basis for all platforms. We maintain a healthy presence for your company in the online world. We take care of all social media outlets, insuring that you can stay focused on what you do best and let us design and maintain the image you deserve. We build a crowd that actually believes in your company and most importantly, takes action! Tailored FaceBook and Instagram posts, Instagram story feed updates, custom videos and graphic design all come into play. We will help you achieve the next level of your business goals and keep the same wonder and creativity that has always captured my heart and business mind from the beginning... Speaking of, here is a little history about myself and how Naked Tree Media came about. 


A brief history of how Naked Tree Media became what it is today


At age 15 my life changed forever. My father passed away from cancer and I was left navigating the world with my mother. A lot of structure that I was raised with had disappeared and I was left to my own devices. 

I was an artist, graffiti artist and musician at that age. How do I pick which field of work to focus on?


Well, at that time, music was the focus and boy did I focus! Every day I would play for people, learning the trade and the next 20 years I traveled the world DJing for massive crowds from America to Australia and back again. What an amazing experience and to this day I still DJ every weekend, but my focus now has turned to Social Media Marketing. Why Social Media Marketing? I went to the Colorado Institute of Art where I obtained a degree in video/music production and graphic design. During that time, computers were still in development to really deliver in the art world, but once companies like Adobe Illustrator and the like came around, I changed my focus to creating art and design as a full time commitment and used the lessons from the music world to transfer over to the marketing world. 

I was fascinated with advertising ever since I was young. Watching how large or small advertising agencies would put together ad campaigns and deliver to get results, this was something that I was intrigued by.

As a musician you learn to keep your crowd. Thousands of people at a time listening to you and if you chose the wrong song you would loose the connection with your crowd. The same thing goes for the advertising world. You have to learn your crowd, how to keep them engaged and ultimately maintain your audience. Marketing is the EXACT same concept! Being able to create something that sparks attention or imagination and then inspires the person to take action, is the goal we set forth with every campaign we create. 


established Naked Tree Media ten years ago doing graphic design and company branding. Technology is always advancing and so do the practices for online marketing. Huge advertising arena's like FaceBook and Instagram are now king over print, but the landscape is always changing. Naked Tree Media has been and will always be one step ahead, as technology advances. Right now, the backend of a lot of these advertising engines have many ways to deliver content to your audience. We've mastered the tools to know what your company needs and how to procure the best results. Allow Naked Tree Media to hyper focus on an amazing ad campaign to take your business to the next level. Just as the craft of DJing is an organic process, we will use the same methodology to increase your business.


[Create, keep and maintain new clientele]


The origin of what Naked Tree Media means to me, is a way to think of what your business may be at the beginning. What you see is a tree with no leaves, flower or fruit, but with the right light, care and knowledge, your tree will become vibrant, beautiful and fruitful. We have many options in Social Media branding, take a look here and thanks for reading our story! If you made it all the way to the bottom of this about me post, tell me in an email and I'll create one free instagram video for you!


Thank you, Ty Max Tekavec.